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Published on: 30th October 2020 | Updated on: 17th October 2023

The CPCS service specification requires that the pharmacy must have IT equipment accessible within the consultation room to allow contemporaneous records of the CPCS consultations to be made within the pharmacy owner’s CPCS IT system.

Pharmacy owners are responsible for procuring their own NHS-assured IT system for the service.

There are currently four NHS-assured pharmacy IT systems available:



Positive Solutions

Sonar Informatics

For a supplier to be assured by the NHS, they must meet the requirements set out in the CPCS Technical Toolkit.

Read more about the IT requirements for all CPCF clinical services

Choosing your CPCS IT system

NHS England has published a Buyer’s Guide for CPCS IT systems. This was developed with the support of Community Pharmacy England. It sets out the options and actions required in the move to the CPCS ‘provider pays’ model and will help pharmacy owners to choose the best provider for them.

Read the CPCS Buyer’s Guide (NHS England)

If pharmacy owners are switching from one system supplier to another, we recommend you read the following:

CPCS IT Provider ‘Switching’ guide (NHS England)

Choosing a system supplier (not specific to CPCS)

NHS guidance about use of PharmRefer

NHS England issued an update regarding how referrals would be received into pharmacies via PharmRefer.

Changes to how referrals to the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service are received from March 2023

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