Free clinical examination skills training for community pharmacists

Health Education England (HEE) has announced a new NHS-funded training course for 10,000 community pharmacists on clinical examination skills.

The training, which will be coordinated by HEE with the Pharmacy Integration Programme at NHS England, will be provided by CliniSkills.

The training will be delivered online, with optional face-to-face attendance for pharmacists who would find this beneficial.

Pharmacists will be required to complete a module on history taking and identification of serious conditions and can then choose from four optional modules, which cover the following themes: dermatology; cardiology; paediatrics; and ear, nose and throat.

The training is designed to be complementary to the independent prescribing training and can be completed prior to or after an independent prescribing training course. It is open to all community pharmacists including those that work part time and locums.

The programme will be available from 17th April 2023, with pre-registration now open to all community pharmacists. The training will run until March 2024.

Further information can be found on the HEE website and pharmacists can pre-register on the CliniSkills website.

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