Guidance published on accessing DHSC flu vac stock


The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has, this evening, published guidance on how community pharmacy contractors will be able to access supplies of flu vaccines procured centrally by the Government.

In order to achieve even higher vaccine uptake rates compared to last year, DHSC has secured an additional supply of influenza vaccines, as a temporary measure for this year only. These vaccines will be available for NHS trusts, general practices and community pharmacies, to top up local supplies once they run low and will be deployed to areas where it is most needed to maximise uptake.

The Department have tried to align the process for accessing the stock with the supply route via which pharmacies normally receive their flu vaccines, seeking to limit the impact on business-as-usual supply chains.

What stock will be available?

DHSC has ordered additional stocks of QIVc, QIVe and QIVr, with the stock arriving in November. DHSC will sell some of their centrally procured stock to the pharmacy wholesalers, for onward sale to pharmacy contractors.

Unlike the situation during part of the last flu vaccination season, no restrictions will be placed by DHSC on the use of the stock, e.g. on private use of the vaccine.

How to order the stock

The DHSC guidance advises contractors to assess whether there is a need for further flu vaccine by assessing current uptake rates in eligible cohorts and calculating any additional vaccines required. If contractors would like to order more stock, they should contact their regular wholesaler to access additional stock and follow the wholesaler’s process for ordering stock – contractors will pay for the flu vaccines in the usual way.

Further information

Full information on accessing stock, as well as information for contractors who are working within COVID-19 vaccination centres, is available in the DHSC guidance:

Read the DHSC guidance


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