PQS: Updated NMS and antibiotic review data published


The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has updated their New Medicine Service (NMS) and antibiotic review spreadsheets for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) 2022/23.

New Medicine Service spreadsheet

To meet the Advanced services gateway criterion, community pharmacy contractors are required to have delivered a minimum of 20 NMS between 1st April 2022 and end of 31st March 2023.

The spreadsheet currently shows data between April 2022 and December 2022. If contractors are showing as having delivered 20 or more NMSs (highlighted in green on the spreadsheet) no further action is required to meet the Advanced Services gateway criterion.

Check the NHSBSA NMS spreadsheet (scroll down to the ‘New Medicine Service (NMS) gateway criterion’ section to view the spreadsheet)

Antibiotic review spreadsheet

As part of the Prevention domain, contractors are required to carry out a TARGET leaflet review (further details of the requirements can be found on the PSNC PQS hub page under the ‘Domain 4 – Prevention’ section) and report the data collected on the NHSBSA MYS data collection tool by the end of 31st March 2023.

On the spreadsheet, contractors have been allocated a colour:

Green: These contractors have added data for 30 patients and have submitted their data. No further action is required by these contractors to meet this quality criterion.

Orange: These contractors have added data for fewer than 30 patients (or have not identified any patients for the review over a eight week period) and have submitted their data. This may be correct if contractors have carried out the audit for eight weeks (if the minimum number of patients is not achieved within four weeks, contractors are required to complete this over eight weeks) and have still not been able to speak to 15 patients for each leaflet. Therefore they may have added the data for the patients they did speak to during this period (or ticked the box to indicate that there is no patient data to add) and submitted this.

However, PSNC has been made aware that several contractors have mistakenly submitted their data before they had entered all their patient data. Therefore, contractors that are showing as orange are advised to check their data number is correct and if not, email the NHSBSA Provider Assurance Team on nhsbsa.pharmacysupport@nhs.net for further support as soon as possible.

Red: These contractors have either not started the audit or have started it but have not yet submitted their data to NHSBSA.

Contractors are also reminded that if they have conducted the audit over eight weeks but did not identify any patients for the review, they are still required to declare that no patients were identified as being suitable for review on the antibiotic review data collection tool on MYS by the end of 31st March 2023.

View the PQS antibiotic review data (scroll down to the Antibiotic Stewardship Review section to see the link to the Excel spreadsheet)

Further information on both of these criteria can be found on the PSNC PQS hub page.

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