PSNC CEO Simon Dukes steps down


PSNC is seeking a new Chief Executive to lead the organisation from October 2021, following the resignation of Simon Dukes.

Simon joined PSNC in 2018 from counter-fraud organisation CIFAS and he has steered the organisation and pharmacy through a critical period. This has included leading the negotiations that led to the agreement of the five-year Contractual Framework deal, and driving PSNC’s ongoing work to support contractors through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simon will remain in post until the end of September, and he is continuing to head up PSNC’s Negotiating Team, leading their work to agree the arrangements for Year 3 of the five-year CPCF deal with the NHS and Government.

Simon thanked his team for their work during his time at PSNC, with particular highlights being:

  • Improvements made in relationships between PSNC and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I), and HM Government;
  • The support PSNC has given contractors through the COVID-19 pandemic: including hard-fought negotiations on bank holiday payments and delivery services to patients;
  • Settlement of a COVID-19 costs agreement for pharmacy contractors; and
  • The initiation of an independent review of both PSNC and the LPCs, setting work in motion to realign how the LPCs and PSNC work together for the benefit of all contractors.

The Committee thanked Simon for the tremendous contributions that he has and is continuing to make to the sector.

PSNC’s Appointments Panel have already met to begin a recruitment process and further information will be issued in due course. This will be a critical appointment coming at a time of change for PSNC and the LPCs, and ahead of another intense period of negotiations for the sector, including looking ahead to what happens after the end of the current five-year CPCF deal.

In the meantime PSNC’s vital work supporting the sector and negotiating on its behalf will continue.

PSNC CEO Simon Dukes said:

“It has been an honour to serve as Chief Executive of PSNC for the last three years, and a genuine privilege to work with such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and unbelievably hard-working senior team and Committee. Deciding to step down was never going to be easy, but I do believe now is opportune. In addition to having time to prepare for high-level negotiations on the Contractual Framework beyond the five-year deal, a new CEO arriving in post later in 2021 will be able to engage fully with the changes that will emerge from the independent review. I wish nothing but success for PSNC, hard-working community pharmacists and their teams and the wider sector.”

PSNC Chair Sue Killen said:

“I would like to thank Simon for all that he has done, and is continuing to do, for community pharmacy.  The agreement of an unprecedented five-year Contractual Framework with guaranteed funding until 2024 has proved particularly valuable given current economic pressures. We will shortly be commencing a rigorous selection programme to find Simon’s replacement. This is a demanding but hugely rewarding role, balancing the extensive stakeholder engagement work needed to support the sector, with the tactical side of the negotiations, and of course leading a small and incredibly busy team doing complex but vital work. It also offers the chance to be part of a transformational change programme across community pharmacy. Alongside this recruitment process, the Committee and PSNC’s Negotiating Team are continuing to work closely with Simon to ensure that PSNC’s work, including the CPCF negotiations, continue apace.”

Mark Burdon, independent contractor and a Member of PSNC’s Appointments Panel, said:

“PSNC’s Appointments Panel is made up of contractors and contractor representatives, so contractors and LPCs can be assured that we understand what is needed to do this important job. There are huge challenges ahead, including leading PSNC through what could be a significant change programme following the outputs of the Review Steering Group’s work, so there will be a lot for the new incumbent to juggle. We’re looking forward to hearing from potential candidates.”


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