Share your views on changes to the NHS Service Finder tool

NHS Digital is planning to make improvements to the NHS Service Finder tool and would like to invite pharmacy teams to participate with its user research.

Participants will take part in a short video call (of approximately 30-40 minutes). During this, you will test a prototype version of the Service Finder tool and perform test searches given to you on the day and you will be asked about your experience of using it. These research calls will take place between the 5th July and 19th July 2021 and NHS Digital welcomes participants from across the pharmacy sector including those who do not always adopt IT early. The research intends to help make the tool easy-to-use for any pharmacy staff.

To volunteer to take part in one of these research calls, please contact, who can provide extra information or connect you with the NHS Service Finder research team.

About the NHS Service Finder tool

NHS Service Finder is a free tool that provides access to information from the Directory of Services (DoS) and the NHS website. It is not accessible by the public, but it does allow pharmacy teams and other healthcare professionals to search for service information quickly, allowing a patient to be signposted to the most appropriate service for their needs.

NHS Service Finder also enables pharmacy teams to locate non-public telephone numbers (where available) for listed services, such as general practices.

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