Jext® and Priadel® reimbursement prices redetermined for July 2023

Following representations by Community Pharmacy England on behalf of pharmacies, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has redetermined the reimbursement prices for Jext® and Priadel® preparations for July 2023 to reflect an increase in their NHS list price.

On 1st July 2023 the list prices for Jext® preparations were increased by the manufacturer ALK- Abello Ltd and the list prices for Priadel® preparations were increased by the manufacturer Essential Pharma M.

DHSC have granted the following exceptional redetermination outside of the usual price change mechanism due to the nature of these products. The price increases below will also apply to associated generic products listed in Part VIIIA of the Drug Tariff.

Product Pack size Previous list price. (July 2023) Redetermined price. (July 2023)
Jext® 150micrograms/0.15ml (1 in 1,000) solution for injection auto-injectors (ALK-Abello Ltd) 1 £34.30 £53.80
Jext®.300micrograms/0.3ml (1 in 1,000) solution for injection auto-injectors (ALK-Abello Ltd) 1 £34.30 £53.80
Priadel® 200mg modified-release tablets 100 £7.50 £12.46
Priadel® 400mg modified-release tablets 100 £8.50 £14.12
Priadel® 520mg/5ml liquid 150ml £6.73 £11.18


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