CPCF clinical services IT requirements

Published on: 10th September 2022 | Updated on: 19th October 2023

This page contains information on the IT requirements for Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) clinical services.

Information on the services themselves can be found in the National Pharmacy Services section of this website.


For each clinical service within the CPCF, a dataset is agreed in negotiations prior to the launch of the service.

The dataset specifies the information which must be kept in clinical records for the service, information which must be shared with the patient’s general practice or other professionals (as appropriate) and information which will be share with NHS England and the NHSBSA, to support evaluation of services and post-payment verification.

The information shared with NHS England and the NHSBSA is generally submitted to the NHSBSA’s Manage Your Service (MYS) portal via an application programming interface (API) which links pharmacy clinical services IT systems and the MYS portal.

The NHSBSA MYS API dataset for CPCF services (FutureNHS login required), which is primarily for use by IT system suppliers, details the information which is shared via APIs.

IT system suppliers also use the Professional Record Standards Body’s (PRSB) Community Pharmacy Data Standard – which defines the information that should be recorded in the pharmacy clinical record and sent to the patient’s general practice for all the CPCF clinical services – to develop their systems. In summer 2023, the PRSB updated the community pharmacy data standard.

IT system suppliers also apply nationally defined messaging standards to support the sharing of structured information on pharmacy services provided to patients with their general practice (Digital Medicines specification).

Additionally, the PRSB’s Core information standard defines a set of information that can potentially be shared between IT systems in different sites and settings, among professionals and people using healthcare services.

Development of APIs within clinical services IT systems

NHS England and the NHSBSA are working with clinical services IT suppliers to assure their IT modules for individual clinical services and the associated MYS APIs. The following table summarises the current situation:

Progress reported by IT suppliers
NHSBSA API spec status Cegedim PharmOutcomes Positive Solutions Sonar
Hypertension case-finding service Live Live Live Live Live
Community Pharmacist Consultation Service Live Live Live


Development work for post-event messaging was almost completed before this solution was adjusted with the newer expectation that GP Connect – Update Record will replace. Awaiting new specification for this from NHSBSA / NHS England.

Discharge Medicines Service Work ongoing with suppliers. Go-live planned for 1st Feb 2024. Work ongoing with NHSBSA Work ongoing with NHSBSA Work ongoing with NHSBSA

Work ongoing with NHSBSA



Smoking Cessation Service Work ongoing with suppliers. Go-live planned for Quarter 1 2024. Work ongoing with NHSBSA Live Work ongoing with NHSBSA Work ongoing with NHSBSA
Pharmacy Contraception Service Live Live Live Had decided not to develop when service was launched because incentive/timescales were not realistic or achievable for us. Awaiting final confirmation from NHS as to the priority within Primary care recovery plan Work ongoing with NHSBSA
New Medicine Service Work ongoing with suppliers. Go-live planned for 1st December 2023. Work ongoing with NHSBSA Work ongoing with NHSBSA Work ongoing with NHSBSA Work ongoing with NHSBSA

Technical toolkits for IT suppliers

CPCS Technical Toolkit

Hypertension case-finding service draft technical toolkit (PowerPoint)

Discharge Medicines Service draft technical toolkit (PowerPoint)

New Medicine Service draft technical toolkit (PowerPoint)

Pharmacy Contraception Service draft technical toolkit

Smoking Cessation Service draft technical toolkit (PowerPoint)


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