Funding distribution

Published on: 12th September 2014 | Updated on: 5th June 2024

Funding for the contractual framework is distributed through various fees and allowances along with a guaranteed element of retained buying margin. Individual pharmacies’ income may vary according to the mix of products dispensed and the number of additional fees earned, for example, for dispensing controlled drugs and expensive prescription items.

The following sections contain payment level / fee level information for the various elements of contractual framework funding.

Essential Services

This section includes details on current fee levels for dispensing.

Advanced Services

This section includes details on payments for NMS, AURs and other services that contractors can choose to provide.

Retained buying margin (Category M)

This section contains details on the national retained buying margin arrangements and Category M.

IT/EPS allowances

This section contains details on IT/EPS allowances.

Indicative Income Tables

This section contains tables showing how much an ‘average’ pharmacy might expect to earn through dispensing fees and retained buying margin, for a given volume of dispensing.

Summary of funding changes

This section shows fee level adjustments and Category M adjustments over time.

Other topical payment issues

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