Think Pharmacy

Published on: 24th February 2014 | Updated on: 31st May 2023

Think Pharmacy is a brand that has been successfully used by many LPCs to engage their local commissioners to think differently about the provision of services – to ‘Think Pharmacy’ as a solution.

What does a Think Pharmacy event involve?

An audience of commissioners and influencers are invited to an event to find out more about community pharmacy and the services that can be provided to solve many of the problems they face. It is not a whole day out of their busy schedules: it’s a well-planned couple of hours with presentations, discussions and networking to learn a lot in a short time. It also helps LPCs build relationships and agree actions with guests to follow up after the event.

Why are they beneficial?

Rather than going to commissioners individually, an LPC Think Pharmacy event brings everyone together to learn more about community pharmacy and showcase the potential for pharmacy services.

The brand can help LPCs deliver consistent messages with evidence demonstrating to commissioners how community pharmacy services could be a better way to reach out to those needing care and support.

Community Pharmacy England support

In addition to the resources on this page, Community Pharmacy England is happy to provide a speaker for any LPC’s Think Pharmacy event, dates permitting. Even if you have already held a Think Pharmacy event we would be happy to help organise just an evening contractor meeting on a regional basis with a Community Pharmacy England speaker.

To arrange a Community Pharmacy England speaker and to see how we can help, contact

Service prospectuses

Community Pharmacy England has developed a series of prospectuses to help outline what community pharmacy teams could do if certain services were commissioned in their locality. Click on the service names below to read and download them.



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