Ten pharmacies closing every week in England

GB News

New analysis of NHS data by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), has found the number of pharmacy closures to be nearly 50 percent higher in 2024. According to the analysis from the NPA, 177 pharmacies closed between January and April 2024, compared to 116 in the same period in 2023;  making this the equivalent of 10 local pharmacies closing their doors every week on average so far this year.

NPA Press Release: NPA warns that pharmacy closures are at record high levels

The national press approached us for an interview at a pharmacy in the North West of England.


Committee Member and Regional Representative for the North West of England, Fin McCaul was interviewed live twice during the GB News breakfast/morning news shows. One of the interviews is available to watch further below.

Fin was also featured in the following GB News website article: Pharmacies closing in England sparks existential fears | GB news

Credit: GB News online

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