Ask PSNC: FAQs on the C-19 test distribution service


The Services Team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device distribution service. Below are some of the questions asked this week.

Q. If I supply as one transaction, four boxes of test kits to a person requesting kits for four people, do I get paid four transaction fees?
No, a transaction fee is paid for each transaction, not each box of test kits supplied. A transaction can include the supply of up to four test kits.

Q. Can distance selling pharmacies provide the C-19 lateral flow device distribution service?
Yes. A distance selling pharmacy may provide Advanced and Enhanced services on the premises. However, they must not provide any Essential services to any person present on their premises while providing the Advanced or Enhanced service.

A distance selling pharmacy can also offer home delivery of the LFDs (as can other contractors) as this is not precluded by the service specification, as long as all the other requirements of the service are fulfilled. However, the service is focused on people collecting test kits from their local community pharmacy. Generally, people who wish to have test kits delivered to their home should order their kits from the GOV.UK website.

Q. How can contractors request amendments to their NHS Test and Trace Site Finder map data for their pharmacies providing the service?
They can email a request to

Q. The service specification says if the pharmacy temporarily runs out of test kits or experiences a demand for test kits it cannot meet at that time, contractors have the option to change their information on the online NHS COVID Test Finder tool by emailing and requesting for their site to be displayed as ‘out of stock’. When will that email address be monitored by the NHS Test and Trace team?
The mailbox will be monitored during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.

Q. If the family, household or school bubble is larger than four people, can more than four boxes be provided in a single transaction?
No. The maximum number of boxes that can be provided in a single transaction is four. Where the family, household or school bubble is larger than four people, further supplies would need to be made as a separate transaction and at the discretion of the pharmacist.

More FAQs on the service can be found on the C-19 lateral flow device distribution service webpage.

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