Ask PSNC: FAQs on the C-19 test distribution service

The Services Team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device distribution service. Below are some of the questions asked this week.

Q. Can I make supplies to a person under the age of 18 years?
Where the person requesting supplies is under 18, the pharmacist can make a professional judgement as to whether the supply is appropriate and whether the person collecting the test kits is competent to answer the questions required and understand the information provided.

Q. Can the pharmacy team administer a test to a person who has collected a test kit, if they are having trouble using the test kit?
No. The service is only for the distribution of kits. Tests must be conducted away from the pharmacy. Where a person requires assistance to perform a test, they should be referred to 119. Where a local testing service is in place (which may include supported self-testing in pharmacies, where local authorities have commissioned such a service), people unable to self-test, could be referred to that service.

Q. Can contractors deliver test kits to people requesting them if they cannot visit the pharmacy?
The service is focused on people collecting test kits from their local community pharmacy. Generally people who wish to have test kits delivered to their home should order their kits from the GOV.UK website. However, home delivery is not precluded by the service specification, as long as all the other requirements of the service are fulfilled.

Q. Are the key points of advice to the person collecting the test kits required to be provided each time they collect test kits?
The key points must be provided to the person collecting test kits where they indicate this is the first time they are collecting test kits. On subsequent collections, pharmacy teams can use their discretion to determine whether all points need to covered, for example, having determined whether the person had any problems using the tests or any outstanding questions. It is important to remind people of the importance of reporting their results, whether positive or negative.

Q. If the person requesting test kits does not provide answers to the questions specified in the service specification, can they still be provided with the test kits?

More FAQs on the service can be found on the C-19 lateral flow device distribution service webpage.

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