#AskYourPharmacist Week: NPA data highlights public appreciation of Community Pharmacy

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As today marks the beginning of Ask Your Pharmacist Week (October 30th to November 6th), the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has also released survey data highlighting that more people in England are embracing community pharmacies as key healthcare settings. This polling data supports the wider efforts to promote the crucial role of pharmacies in healthcare.

We have issued the following statement in response to this.

Our Chief Executive, Janet Morrison, said:

“The latest polling data released by the NPA shows once again the invaluable healthcare that community pharmacies provide across England. The figures reaffirm the growing appreciation for the crucial role that local community pharmacy teams play and the critical nature of the skills and services offered by pharmacies. It’s evident that the public increasingly recognises community pharmacies as vital healthcare providers, offering services such as flu vaccinations and serving as convenient clinical healthcare settings: Government and the NHS must continue to build on this, ensuring these services are properly funded and that community pharmacies are sustainable for the future.

As we approach another difficult winter season in healthcare, the calls for increased core funding and more support for community pharmacy remain essential and we will continue to press these points. During this Ask Your Pharmacist Week, the focus is on highlighting the expertise of community pharmacists and the broader pharmacy team, helping to build that case. We encourage pharmacy owners, pharmacy teams, and LPCs in England to support this year’s campaign if they can.”

To find out more about the #AskYourPharmacist campaign, which the NPA has made available for all pharmacy owners to take part in this year, visit: www.npa.co.uk/ask-your-pharmacist-week-2023

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