Boots to close 300 pharmacies over the next year

Pharmacy press

Boots has announced it will be closing 300 pharmacies across the country over the next 12 months. We have issued the following statement in response to this news.

Chief Executive Janet Morrison said:

“It is no surprise to read that Boots will be continuing to consolidate a number of its stores over the next year, looking to further enhance the customer experience. While it is encouraging to read about the success of their pharmacy services and their plans to keep building on these, it is no surprise to hear that another multiple is looking at consolidations: this trend is reflective of the very difficult current trading conditions within community pharmacy. While consolidations can make a difference across large networks, smaller and medium-sized businesses are having to look at other options in the struggle to make ends meet: running a community pharmacy remains, for most, a battle for survival. Government and the NHS must take action to reverse the damage that their historic funding cuts are causing.”