C-19 test distribution service – the importance of reporting results


Community pharmacy contractors participating in the NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device distribution service (or ‘Pharmacy Collect’) must ensure that people collecting lateral flow device (LFD) test kits understand several key points* including the importance of reporting all test results.

Pharmacy teams can use the following key points in any discussions they have with people on reporting their results:

Reinforcing the importance of reporting test results

  • The result of the test could be positive, negative or even void. But whatever it is, make sure you report your result straight away, every time.

Why people need to report their results

  • Recording all test results helps scientists stay ahead of the virus by spotting new outbreaks quickly and advising how to respond.
  • If people only report a positive result, case levels look higher than they really are. So, if yours is negative or void, you will make sure NHS Test and Trace information stays accurate. It could even help stop future lockdowns.
  • Remember: you have only completed your test when you have reported the result.

Reporting test results

  • Reporting your results is easy.
    • Go to: gov.uk/report-covid-19-result; or
    • call: 119 free from your mobile or landline. Lines are open every day, 7am to 11pm. Support is offered in 200 languages as well as British Sign Language.

Read more about the service requirements here.

*Pharmacy staff must provide the person collecting the test kits with the below key information (download a document containing this key information):