Charges for late submission of prescription forms

From April 2022 (for prescriptions dispensed in March 2022), the NHS Business Service Authority (NHSBSA) may apply an administrative deduction of £25 if a prescription bundle is submitted late to the relevant pricing division.

Each month, a small number of contractors submit their prescription bundles very late to the relevant pricing divisions at the NHSBSA. This delays the processing of their prescription bundles in a timely manner and affects the calculation of payments. From April 2022, late submissions (after the 5th of the month) may result in an administrative charge of £25. This deduction reflects the administrative costs involved in NHSBSA calculating and making these payments.

The Drug Tariff requires contractors to submit their FP34C claim form electronically using the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal and dispatch their paper prescription forms, together with a printed copy of the FP34C submission made through MYS to the NHSBSA, no later than the 5th day of the month following that in which the supply was made. 

For submission of paper prescriptions forms to the NHSBSA, contractors are advised to use a reliable and secure courier or postal service that offers tracking and tracing. After dispatching the prescription bundle, contractors should track its status to confirm it has been delivered to/received by the relevant pricing division at the NHSBSA. If the prescription bundle has not arrived at the relevant pricing division as expected, contractors should make enquiries with the courier to establish the whereabouts of the bundle and notify the NHSBSA as soon as possible. Proof of postage by the 5th and/or delivery confirmation should be retained as evidence in case there are any issues for e.g. if a prescription bundle goes missing or is delayed in transit to the pricing division etc. 

A charge for processing of a late bundle would only apply if a contractor cannot provide evidence, where requested by the NHSBSA, that their bundle was submitted using secure track and trace delivery no later than the 5th day of the following month in which supply was made.

PSNC’s briefing titled ‘Administrative charges for late submission of prescription forms provides guidance for pharmacy teams on correct end of month submission processes and information regarding how the £25 deduction for late submissions is administered by the NHSBSA.

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