Closure of the Pandemic Delivery Service

As part of removing the last of the COVID-19 domestic restrictions, the Government’s latest policy document (COVID-19 Response: Living with COVID-19) has confirmed that the Pandemic Delivery Service will be ending. The service was part of the practical support to assist citizens to self-isolate.

The document, which was published following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 21st February 2022, highlights that the legal duty to self-isolate when notified as a positive case or non-exempt close contact, will end on 24th February 2022.  The Government will also cease all support measures from this date.

What does this mean for the service?

This means that from 24th February 2022, NHS Test and Trace will no longer issue any 8-digit NHS Test and Trace Account IDs (sometimes referred to as a CTAS number). The CTAS number is the unique code needed to enable patients to access the Pandemic Delivery Service and that contractors are required to record as part of offering the service.

Pharmacy contractors can still make prescription deliveries to eligible patients who have a CTAS number issued on or before 23rd February 2022 if the CTAS number is valid (i.e. during the maximum 10-day window for self-isolation).

No medicine deliveries should be made as part of the Pandemic Delivery Service after 5th March 2022.

How does this affect service remuneration and claims?

Claims for the Advanced service (for deliveries) must be submitted no later than 5th April 2022 to be remunerated for any deliveries made on or before 5th March 2022.

The payment for the Essential service element of the Pandemic Delivery Service will continue until 31st March 2022.

Support the call for more funding by recording information about the informal advice you provide to patients over just one day.

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