Collection of unwanted medicines and out-of-date stock (Updated for clarification)

PSNC is receiving queries from community pharmacy contractors about the collection of waste medicines, as increasingly NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) contracts with one company to make these collections.

NHSE&I regional teams are responsible for making arrangements for the collection of waste medicines from pharmacies, to enable contractors to fulfil their responsibilities under the Essential service, the disposal of unwanted medicines; and NHSE&I should notify pharmacies of the arrangements they make.

In 2016, NHS England agreed a new national framework agreement for the collection and disposal of waste medicines, and, as previous contracts expire, increasingly Anenta Limited is being contracted to manage the collection and disposal of waste medicines. Anenta manages NHS England’s supply chain and contracts for the collection of relevant waste types and should be considered the main contact point in the designated regions. Anenta does not physically collect the waste itself.

Anenta now manages North London, South East, East of England, Midlands, NW Yorkshire and NE Yorkshire, covering more than 7,000 community pharmacies, with the company likely to manage more areas soon. For these pharmacies, Anenta should be considered as your internal management function and all queries relating to clinical waste management (returned/unwanted medicines) should go directly to them.

All pharmacies should register with Anenta to ensure they have access to its services. This can be done here:

Anenta’s online system allows contractors to make service requests, get advice on issues with the service, or to simply seek advice on waste management in general. The system also holds compliance documentation on behalf of each pharmacy and other relevant communication, service level requirements and FAQs.

Contact details

Tel: 0330 1222 143


Open a service ticket within your online account at:

Anenta Limited website is at:

For Further information on Essential service: Disposal of unwanted medicines see here

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