Reminder: New Account Identifier Document for submission of paper prescriptions

Pharmacy contractors are reminded that from August 2022 (for July 2022 prescriptions), pharmacy contractors will no longer need to print and submit a paper copy of their completed FP34C declaration made through the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal when submitting their paper prescription bundle to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

Instead, NHSBSA will post out a paper Account Identifier Document, along with the red separators and pharmacy address labels each month. The Account Identifier Document should be placed alongside the paper prescription bundle before it is dispatched for payment to the relevant pricing division of NHSBSA. The Account Identifier Document will allow the NHSBSA to easily identify the pharmacy that has submitted the prescription bundle, which will help to speed up prescription processing. If the Account Identifier Document is lost or misplaced, contractors will still be able to download and print another copy from MYS. The July 2022 Drug Tariff will be updated to reflect this change

Contractors must continue to submit their FP34C declaration via MYS by the 5th day of the following month in which the supply was made. NHSBSA uses the figures submitted electronically through MYS to calculate pharmacy payments including advance payments.

The Account Identifier Document will allow contractors to submit their paper prescription bundle to NHSBSA in advance of submitting their FP34C declaration through MYS. This will enable contractors who submit their EPS claims up to and including the 5th of the following month, to include the latest EPS figures in their MYS FP34C declaration to be submitted by the 5th. This will mean that declared EPS item totals better reflect the actual EPS item totals submitted for payment by the 5th of the following month. Any discrepancies between the declared item totals and the actual item totals can impact on the calculation of advance payments.

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Submitting EPS and eRD messages within time

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