Contractor vote set to be held in May 2022, RSG confirms

A timetable for the conclusion of the Review Steering Group’s (RSG) work to find ways to improve contractor representation and support has been announced today. 

In an update to contractors, the RSG said it had reached consensus on a proposed way forward, and that it would publish proposals to the sector shortly after Easter.   

A contractor vote is expected to follow beginning late in May.  

The RSG has been looking for ways to solve the issues identified by David Wright’s Independent Review into the support and representation offered by PSNC and the LPCs.  

The RSG is made up of contractor representatives and it has been keeping PSNC and the LPCs, who both provided funding to support its work, informed of progress throughout the past year. 

PSNC Members are now considering the RSG’s proposals as they are finalised.  

Further details about PSNC’s planned response to any proposals affecting PSNC (subject to an affirmative vote from contractors) will be issued once the proposals have been finalised and published by the RSG.  

PSNC Chief Executive Janet Morrison said: 

“Like all representative bodies, PSNC and the LPCs both need to look to the future and to ensure that we are working for contractors as effectively and efficiently as possible, including working seamlessly together. So I am pleased to hear that the RSG is nearing the conclusion of its work to help us to do this. We will consider any final proposals that relate to PSNC very carefully: the Committee is committed to positive change, if disappointed that it has taken so long to get to this stage. PSNC also strongly encourages all contractors to engage with the RSG’s proposals when they are published.”