CPCS IT deadline approaching: Have you confirmed your choice of system?


The national procurement of IT support for the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS), will cease at the end of March 2022.

It is therefore vital that community pharmacy contractors that want to continue providing CPCS, confirm their choice of CPCS IT system by no later than February 2022. Failure to do so could impact referrals and service continuity.

Note, those contractors who choose to stay with their current IT provider still need to confirm this.

The verified CPCS IT system suppliers are:

Supplier Validation status*
Cegedim Anticipated to be validated prior to April 1st 2022
PharmOutcomes Validated
Positive Solutions Anticipated to be validated on or after April 1st 2022
Sonar Informatics Validated

*Some suppliers have a solution which is already validated and available whilst others are working towards readiness or planning to get ready on or after 1st April 2022. Some suppliers’ solutions will only work as part of a Patient Medication Record (PMR) system.

The NHSE&I CPCS IT Provider ‘Switching/confirming guide’ explains the options are:

  1. Switch to another CPCS IT provider (you must inform them well in advance so they can confirm the switch has been successful); or
  2. Stay with existing CPCS IT provider (you must notify them so they can confirm a new service agreement with you).

Other resources are also available to support contractors to make the transition to the provider pays model:

Read more about  CPCS IT support


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