CPPE Accuracy checking pharmacy technician programme – more free places available

NHS England has provided additional funding for the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) to offer the Accuracy checking pharmacy technician (ACPT) programme to an additional 40 pharmacy technicians.

The ACPT programme is a 3-12-month training and development programme available to pharmacy technicians, with employer support. The course is designed to support pharmacy technicians in meeting a range of competencies during their training in order to deliver safe and effective patient care.

The aim of the programme is to train and assess pharmacy technicians to perform the final accuracy check of dispensed items on prescriptions that have been clinically screened/approved by a pharmacist.

Originally NHS England provided funding for 60 pharmacy technicians but this has now increased to 100 pharmacy technicians; up to 10 additional funded places are available per month between 1st December 2023 and 1st March 2024.

There has been a high-level of interest in the course therefore, pharmacy technicians who are interested in applying are encouraged to apply as soon as bookings open. There are four opportunities left to secure a place on the course; bookings open on the following dates:

  • 1st December 2023 at 10am;
  • 1st January 2024 at 10am;
  • 1st February 2024 at 10am; and
  • 1st March 2024 at 10am.

Apply for the CPPE Accuracy checking pharmacy technician programme