CPPE launches new Genomics learning gateway

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched a new Genomics learning gateway, to coincide with Health Education England’s (HEE) #GenomicsConversation week.

The Genomics learning gateway provides core and foundation learning, assessments, and other resources to support pharmacy professionals to develop their knowledge of genomics and how it relates to pharmacy and healthcare. Also contained within the learning gateway are a variety of bite-sized learning, accessible via the HEE Genomics Education Programme website.

In addition, the Genomics learning gateway links to the CPPE Introduction to genomics in pharmacy e-learning programme, which is designed to introduce the learner to genomics and pharmacogenomics, and to highlight the opportunities they can bring to the provision of person-centred care to the learner’s area of practice.

HEE’s #GenomicsConversation week is taking place this week (20th to 24th June 2022) and aims to get healthcare professionals talking about genomics with colleagues and patients.

View the CPPE Genomics learning gateway

View HEE’s #GenomicsConversation 2022 activity calendar

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