DHSC policy proposals to reshape use of health data

Last week the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published a draft policy paper on the better use of health data: Data saves lives: reshaping health and social care with data.

The proposals within the policy paper include that:

  • Health and care staff should have quicker access to Shared Care Records (ShCR/LHCRs). Staff in all 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to have access to a ShCR to support the provision of care to patients;
  • Data security guidance from central NHS bodies will be simpler;
  • The duty for health and care staff to share health care data where needed will be reinforced;
  • Data collection requests to health and care staff should be reduced to ease burden on staff and reduce the need for ‘re-keying’;
  • Patients will more easily access their NHS data and an NHS Account digitally;
  • The NHS login  programme for patients will be expanded;
  • Analysis of health and care data will better support public health policy, including to reduce health inequalities; and
  • IT suppliers will use additional IT standards to lead to a better experience for health and care staff and patients. It will be clearer to health and care staff whether suppliers are aligning to the relevant NHS IT standards.

Share your views about future use of health data

Complete this NHSX survey regarding use of data and access to records (by 5pm 23rd July 2021).

Read more

PSNC has summarised the document: PSNC Briefing: Reshaping how health and care data is used (IT one-page factsheet).

Read more on the wider policy and at: cpe.org.uk/itpolicy.



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