Expanded NHSE&I mental health support service open to community pharmacy teams

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) has strengthened its mental health support offer for all healthcare staff, including community pharmacy teams.

Pharmacy staff now have rapid access to mental health services and support, courtesy of a series of new mental health and wellbeing hubs. Each of these 40 hubs offers free and confidential clinical assessments by trained mental health professionals plus access to talking therapies and other secondary care mental health services to those who need it. These hubs are going live across the country over the next few weeks, please check back on the NHSE&I website if a hub in your local area is not listed yet.

NHSE&I has also worked with NHS Practitioner Health to set up an enhanced mental health service to which wellbeing hubs can refer primary care health team members with more complex needs. This service offers access to prescribing clinicians, addiction services and interventions focused on trauma.

To find out more about the range of wellbeing and mental health support available to community pharmacy teams, please visit PSNC’s Staff wellbeing and COVID-19 testing webpage. LPCs can find further information on how to support their contractors on our Mental Health Support page (LPC Members only).

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