FAQs on the HEE workforce survey


The 2021 Health Education England (HEE) Community Pharmacy Workforce Survey commenced today.

PSNC encourages all pharmacy contractors to participate in this voluntary survey, as the results will help inform the future planning and funding in relation to the development of the community pharmacy workforce across the NHS in England.

The data from the previous workforce survey has also been used to the benefit of contractors by PSNC and LPCs in local and national negotiations on the development of community pharmacy services.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the survey

HEE has provided the following FAQs for pharmacy contractors and their teams in relation to the survey:

Q. What is the purpose of the survey?
The NHS Long Term Plan and People Plan identified the need for a flexible workforce that will support all care settings. Health Education England (HEE) is leading on a survey to better understand the community pharmacy workforce. HEE has a responsibility for education and training of the entire workforce providing NHS services and to try to establish consistency across the professions, and enable informed developments for the workforce. The Community Pharmacy Workforce Survey 2021 will gather a meaningful data set to inform future planning and system investment decisions in relation to the community pharmacy workforce across the NHS in England.

Q. Who is conducting the research?
HEE has asked the University of Manchester (UoM) to lead on the survey. The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) distributed the survey from 7th May 2021. Results will be anonymised by ICF, the University’s research partner, who will be responsible for collecting and processing the data. UoM and HEE will not have access to personal information, such as email addresses or ODS codes used by contractors.

Q. Why has my pharmacy been chosen?
Every community pharmacy in England will be invited to participate.

Q. What information will I be asked to provide?
You will be asked questions about the number and full-time equivalent (FTE) of ten different types of staff (including pharmacists, pre-registration trainee pharmacists, registered pharmacy technicians, dispensing assistants, medicines counter assistants and delivery drivers). You will also be asked about any trainees in the pharmacy.

Q. What period of time will I be asked to collect data for?
You will be asked to provide information on staffing levels for the week in which you complete the survey (or if appropriate, the most recent complete 7 day period for which you have the necessary figures).

Q. When is the survey taking place?
The survey launched on Friday 7th May and all eligible pharmacies will receive an email from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) with a link to the survey on 7th May. The survey will be open until mid-June. You may receive email reminders if you do not complete the survey.

Q. Will the findings of the survey be published?
Data from the survey will be anonymised and aggregated and will be made publicly available. The data will be used for future workforce planning.

Q. What would I be asked to do if I took part?
Taking part will involve completing an online survey of pharmacy staffing levels in your pharmacy. The online survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. You might find it helpful to print off a PDF version of the survey in order to gather the information needed to complete the survey online.

Any further questions on the survey?

Questions  regarding the survey not answered by the FAQs should be emailed to the University of Manchester: CPWS2021-queries@manchester.ac.uk.


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