How many LFD test kits do you have in stock?


This week a communications campaign will remind parents that children aged 11-18 should have a lateral flow test before they return to school after half-term.

This campaign may mean that contractors who are providing the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Distribution Service (Pharmacy Collect) see an increase in demand for test kits; they are therefore encouraged to review their stock levels and ensure they have an adequate stock of test kits.

Contractors may also experience an increase in demand for test kits over the winter months so it would be prudent to review stock levels and where there is space to store additional cartons of test kits within the pharmacy, consider placing additional orders to ensure you can meet demand over the next couple of months, when pharmacy teams and wholesalers will all be experiencing increased demand for medicines and other products too.

Contractors can order one carton of test kits each day (Monday to Saturday). If you experience any supply issues obtaining test kits, please contact

Requesting a test kit without a collect code
Pharmacy teams are reminded that although citizens should be encouraged to use a collect code to receive test kits, if they do not wish to register for a collect code, a supply can still be made as an anonymous collection.

To continue to support the fight against COVID-19, it is important that people who are unable to easily obtain a collect code or are unwilling to obtain a collect code can still access test kits in this way.

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