Introducing NHS Service Finder interactive maps

NHS Digital has introduced interactive maps to their NHS Service Finder online search tool.

NHS Service Finder is a free tool that provides access to information from the Directory of Services (DoS) and the NHS website. It is not accessible by the public, but it does allow pharmacy teams and other healthcare professionals to search for service information quickly, enabling patients to be signposted to the most appropriate service for their needs.

Top tip: sign-up now

How do I sign up?
Visit the NHS Service Finder webpage now, to sign up for access and ‘create an account’, ideally using an NHSmail email address. Add the webpage as an internet favourite so you can easily return to it.Who should sign up?
All pharmacy team members will be able to benefit from signing up.



How do I register?
Please sign up here

NHS Service Finder also enables pharmacy teams to look-up non-public telephone numbers (where available) for listed services, such as General Practices.

NHS Service Finder is an internet browser-based service with no extra technology requirements required to use it. The tool can be accessed on mobile or desktop devices and it only takes 2 minutes to register with your NHSmail address.

What is new in NHS Service Finder?

The interactive maps feature has now been launched to provide you with a view of all relevant services in the area. It also offers direction to different services, including public transport options, which can be shared directly with patients via SMS text messages, or email. This makes it quicker and easier to direct patients to relevant health care professionals, where appropriate.

When you perform searches for health care organisations within a locality, you can toggle your search results between ‘list view’ and ‘map view’. You can also adjust the filters of your search results within the list view and then return to map view to see an updated map based on your refined search.

PSNC has been requesting improvements and will continue to provide input to the NHS Service Finder team based on contractor feedback. You can feedback to PSNC’s IT lead about any further improvements you would like to see by emailing

Further information

PSNC NHS Service Finder factsheet

PSNC’s NHS Service Finder webpage

Video highlighting benefits of NHS Service Finder





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