Medicine Supply Notification: Clexane® (enoxaparin) pre-filled syringes – Updated

Update: (08/11/2021) Expected resupply date now expected to be October 2022

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has issued a medicine supply notification for Clexane® (enoxaparin) pre-filled syringes


Tier 2 – medium impact

Date of issue 27th July 2021

  • A shortage of the ERIS™ automatic safety system will impact the availability of several Clexane® pre-filled syringes (listed below) from September until November 2021:
4000IU (40mg/0.4ml)
6000IU (60mg/0.6ml)
8000IU (80mg/0.8ml)
10,000IU (100mg/1ml)


  •  All other Clexane® preparations are unaffected and remain available
  • To mitigate the supply issue during this period, Sanofi will supply Clexane® with the PREVENTIS™ automatic safety system for the affected presentations only. This will be a UK licensed product.
  • Other brands of enoxaparin biosimilars remain available but cannot support an uplift in demand.
  • Organisations who use Clexane® should prepare to have syringes with two different safety devices in use across the portfolio and ensure appropriate communication and training of health care professionals and patients is undertaken before September.

A copy of this medicine supply notification has been sent to all pharmacy NHS email addresses.

The DHSC Medicine Supply Team provide a monthly update on potential supply issues affecting both primary and secondary care. This update is uploaded on the Specialist Pharmacy Services (SPS) website. To register, you will need  an NHS email address. Once set up and logged in, you will be able to access it online.

New shortages not listed on the SPS website, can be reported using our shortage reporting tool.


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