Medicine Supply Notification: Estradiol (Estring®)7.5microgram/24hours vaginal delivery system


Tier 2 – medium impact

Date of issue: 09/12/2021

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has issued a medicine supply notification for Estradiol (Estring®) 7.5microgram/24hours vaginal delivery system.

  • Estring® 7.5microgram/24hours vaginal delivery system is out of stock until early January 2022.
  • Alternative estradiol and estriol vaginal products remain available.

Supporting information

Estring® is licensed for the treatment of atrophic vaginitis (due to oestrogen deficiency) in postmenopausal women. Once inserted it is left in the vagina continuously for 90 days and replaced by a new ring as appropriate. The following oestrogen products for vaginal application are also licensed for the treatment of vaginal atrophy due to oestrogen deficiency in postmenopausal women, but have a more frequent dosing schedule. SPS MI have advised that these are suitable clinical alternatives:

Alternative estradiol or estriol preparations Active ingredient Dose Availability
Vagirux® vaginal tablet Estradiol 10microgram One vaginal tablet daily for
2 weeks followed by
maintenance dose of
one vaginal tablet twice a
Can support an uplift in
Vagifem® vaginal tablet
Estradiol 10mcg vaginal
tablet (Advanz)
Imvaggis® pessary Estriol 30microgram One pessary daily for first
3 weeks followed by maintenance dose of one
pessary twice a week.
Can support an uplift in
Estriol 0.01% cream
Estriol 100microgram per
One applicator full per day
until restoration of vaginal
mucosa has been
achieved then
maintenance dose of one
applicator full twice a
Can support an uplift in
Ovestin® 0.1% Cream Estriol 1000microgram per
One application per day for
the first weeks (maximally
4 weeks), followed by a
gradual reduction, based
on relief of symptoms, until
a maintenance dosage
(e.g. 1 application twice a
week) is reached
Can support a partial uplift
in demand.

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