New NHS Profile Manager tool for updating DoS & NHS website launches

A new tool has been launched to help community pharmacy contractors update their pharmacy’s details in the NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS) and on the NHS website.

Previously, contractors used two different NHS systems to ensure these details were up-to-date: the NHS website profile editor and the DoS Profile Updater. Following previous reporting, these have now been replaced by a newly launched tool, called NHS Profile Manager.

NHS Profile Manager is where you can go to update your pharmacy information, such as opening times and contact information and will enable contractors to fulfil their contractual duty to verify and, where necessary, update the information contained within the pharmacy profile at least once each quarter of the financial year. It’s good practice to update your profile as soon as anything changes in your pharmacy, so that patients and other health and care staff always have the most up to date information. You can also respond to comments left on your NHS website profile.

To improve information security, the new NHS Profile Manager tool will require contractors and their staff to use NHSmail email accounts as a login identifier, rather than other non-NHSmail email addresses.

Contractors should use the new tool when making changes to DoS or NHS website pharmacy profiles. From today you can use the tool to update your opening times and contact details; additional profile settings such as facilities and services will go live in due course. Note, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) has confirmed there is not expectation to update the facilities and services modules this quarter given that these settings are in development.

Commenting on the launch of the tool, Dan Ah-Thion, Community Pharmacy IT Policy Manager at PSNC, said:

“The new tool will help community pharmacy teams by reducing the amount of time wasted in needing to enter the same information across both the NHS website and DoS updaters. Unlike the past NHS website editor, this new tool can also be used on smartphones, making edits quick and easy – and the ‘login with NHSmail’ feature means that there is one less password to remember.

I’d encourage contractors to check that they and their staff members can access the NHS Profile Manager to support with the managing of their pharmacy profile.”

Contractor actions 

  1. Register for the new NHS Profile Manager with your personal NHSmail address if you haven’t already. You’ll need NHSmail to use NHS Profile Manager.
  2. Check you can access NHS Profile Manager and your pharmacy profile.
  3. For each profile, check that your opening times and contact information are up to date. You should do this even if you have recently checked your information using the NHS website profile editor or the UEC profile updater.

Further information and support

PSNC’s NHS Profile Manager webpage includes information and new FAQs

If you need help with NHSmail, please refer to guidance NHSmail guidance / NHSmail FAQs and also if required, contact

For any other issues registering, please raise a ticket with the NHS website service helpdesk which operates Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm.



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