Oriel – Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme 2024

NHS England have asked us to communicate the following reminder to pharmacy owners.

To recruit a foundation trainee pharmacist for the 2025-26 foundation training year, employers must register with the National Recruitment Scheme (Oriel) by 1st March 2024.

Please ensure you are registered in time by accessing the online form and associated information.

NHS England, working with the General Pharmaceutical Council, has developed principles for the role of the Designated Supervisor that will be used from the 2025/26 training year.

These principles are designed to support quality of education and ensure patient safety, and now allow a Designated Supervisor to supervise more than one trainee pharmacist.

Learn more about this: Designated Supervisor Requirements for 2025/26 Foundation Training Programme

To find out more about the initial education and training of pharmacists reforms and how the foundation training year is changing, please visit NHS England’s Implementing the Foundation Pharmacist Training Year webpage.