Pharmacy Access Scheme: Changes from January 2022

Currently, community pharmacy contractors are in the process of receiving one or more letters from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) in relation to the updated 2022 Pharmacy Access Scheme (PhAS), which starts in January 2022. Each letter will deal with a contractor’s pharmacy or pharmacies indicating whether they:

  • will remain eligible for PhAS, with details of payment, or
  • will become eligible for PhAS with details of payment, or
  • will not or no longer be eligible for PhAS, usually based on distance calculation* or dispensing volume

*These letters will include a link to the distance mapping tool so that the distance calculation can be checked and a review requested if the contractor believes that the pharmacy should be eligible. The review process is between 4 January and 4 February 2022.

Further information can be read in PSNC Briefing 033/21: Pharmacy Access Scheme starting from January 2022 

The current PhAS continues until December 2021 – further information on the current scheme is available here.

Revised Pharmacy Access Scheme webinar

PSNC will be holding a webinar for contractors about the updated scheme on Tuesday 21st September at 7.30pm.

During the webinar, Gordon Hockey, Director of Operations and Support at PSNC, will talk contractors through the changes to the Pharmacy Access Scheme (PhAS) that will come into effect from January 2022.

Lasting about 60 minutes, attendees will hear how the updated scheme will work and have the chance to ask questions live.

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