Pharmacy Advice Audit 2022: Still time to get involved


Community pharmacy teams are reminded that they don’t have long left to complete PSNC’s 2022 Pharmacy Advice Audit. We are hugely grateful to anyone who has already taken part and decided to extend the participation period to give as many pharmacies as possible the chance to share their data.

The audit aims to help demonstrate how pharmacies are supporting their communities every day and provide critical evidence for use in our funding discussions with HM Government and the NHS.

Please remember, once you have completed the audit, your data should be submitted via PharmOutcomes. Your responses will also help us begin to understand the growing level of complexity and acuity of patients that pharmacies are now seeing.

We hope to receive data from as many pharmacy teams as possible to build a strong evidence base.

How to take part

To successfully complete the audit, pharmacy teams will need to:

  1. Record patient/customer interactions where advice was given by either a non-pharmacist team member and/or a pharmacist.
  2. Carry this out for at least one day, recording all consultations. (To be a valid audit, each pharmacy needs to achieve at least 20 consultations, therefore a small number will need to continue for a second day.)
  3. Estimate the percentage of consultations that were recorded during that time period (this is to recognise that some consultations may be missed).
  4. (Optional) Rate your confidence in the advice given to help identify areas for improvement to reflect on post-audit.
  5. Enter the data on PharmOutcomes. (If a contractor has not used PharmOutcomes before, log in details can be obtained by sending a message to the PharmOutcomes helpdesk.)

Further information and resources can be found at: