Pharmacy Collect: Additional LFD stock available


The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) are continuing to deliver stocks of lateral flow device (LFD) test kits to Alliance Healthcare for onward delivery to pharmacies. PSNC has been in regular contact with the UKHSA about the LFD supplies and we have the following update for pharmacy teams.

Last week, the UKHSA distributed over 14.5 million tests to Alliance Healthcare (representing c.2 million individual packs of 7 tests and just over 35,500 cartons).

The Pharmacy Collect team have told PSNC that pharmacy orders, in some locations, have decreased and as a result they are in a position to work with Alliance Healthcare to supply extra stock to pharmacies still experiencing higher demand for kits.

Community pharmacy contractors requiring additional stocks of LFD test kits for their pharmacies can request up to three additional cartons of test kits by emailing the Pharmacy Collect team at Contractors will need to provide the pharmacy name, address, ODS code, Alliance Healthcare customer account number and the number of cartons required up to a maximum of three cartons.

This order is in addition to the one carton daily order allowance that contractors can place through Alliance Healthcare. Orders will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. The UKHSA will be working with Alliance Healthcare to fulfil these order requests and will supply Alliance Healthcare with a list of additional contractor orders each day. Alliance Healthcare will then process these orders and deliver them in line with their current delivery SLA with the UKHSA. Please note, this does not mean that contractors will receive the extra stock within three days of their email to the Pharmacy Collect Team.

At this time, contractors can only place one additional stock order via the Pharmacy Collect mailbox. The UKHSA has confirmed that they will review supplies on 2nd February 2022 and work with PSNC to confirm and communicate if further additional orders can be accepted from contractors.

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