Pharmacy Collect: update for contractors

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 21st February 2022 and the publication of the Government policy document – COVID-19 Response: Living with COVID-19 – free COVID-19 mass testing will end from 1st April 2022.

This means the last day on which the Pharmacy Collect service will operate will be 31st March 2022.

PSNC, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and NHS England and NHS Improvement are working together on the final plans for the end of the service.

Whilst over the last few days contractors have seen an unsurprising increase in requests for test kits and that has also increased the number of orders being placed with Alliance Healthcare, resulting in temporary out of stocks in some distribution centres, UKHSA has confirmed that they continue to have good stock levels.

To ensure an even distribution of lateral flow tests across the country, UKHSA are planning future deliveries across all test distribution channels. Alliance Healthcare’s last delivery of tests from the UKHSA warehouse will be on 18th March 2022. Pharmacies will be able to order for a short period of time after that date.

UKHSA ask that all orders for kits placed by contractors with Alliance Healthcare should be based on the current need, driven by demand from citizens, rather than trying to cover future demand.

Further details about the service end, including information on final payment claims, will be provided to contractors as soon as those details have been finalised.


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