Pharmacy First claims and payments

Some pharmacy owners are continuing to identify issues with the Pharmacy First service figures within the MYS portal, which are not matching the number of consultations completed within their Pharmacy First IT system.

This week, we have been supporting pharmacy owners and system suppliers to address these issues.

Where a pharmacy owner has identified a discrepancy, we advise them to log a support ticket with their IT system supplier, setting out the discrepancy in the numbers and including screenshots of the relevant consultation totals from within their Pharmacy First IT system and from MYS.

Clinical pathways consultations (that pass the gateway point) completed within a month count towards the monthly minimum number of consultations for the £1,000 Pharmacy First monthly payment for that month.  These should be claimed as soon as possible but can be claimed up to three months after the month the consultation was completed, e.g. the last date a claim can be made for a consultation that was competed in March 2024 is 5th July 2024.

The £1,000 monthly payment will be paid when the minimum number of consultations is met so if for example four consultations are claimed by 6th April 2024 (the extended FP34C submission timeline) for consultations completed in March 2024 and a further consultation is claimed by 5th May for a consultation completed in March 2024, the £1,000 payment relating to consultations that took place in March will be paid in the end of June payment.

The initial £2,000 Pharmacy First fixed payment will be recovered from contractors who have not submitted claims for five clinical pathways consultations (which pass the gateway point) completed by 31st March 2024 and claimed at the latest by 5th July 2024.

Capture healthcare advisory work not being covered by Pharmacy First to inform our negotiations with Government and NHS.

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