Pharmacy Pressures Survey 2024: We want to hear from you


Community Pharmacy England has launched its third annual Pressures Survey and we hope to hear directly from everyone who owns or works in a community pharmacy.

The situation for community pharmacies is now critical and we know this is impacting on workload, stress levels, patients, and businesses. We want to hear more about this, and also about specific issues such as medicines supply, workforce, and the recently launched Pharmacy First service.

We expect this year’s findings to echo those of our previous surveys, and we will be using the results directly in our negotiations with Government and the NHS, as well as in our wider conversations with MPs, Ministers, and in national media work.

Our 2023 Survey was the subject of national television coverage on Channel 4 and has been cited in countless Parliamentary debates: it is critical that we continue to gather this evidence to help us push for action from Government and the NHS.

The Pharmacy Pressures Survey once again consists of two surveys, with many questions kept similar to last year’s to give a clear picture over time. The surveys are as short as possible, taking around 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey has been extended and will now close at 12 noon on Monday 8th April.  

There are two separate surveys for:

If you are an Independent pharmacy owner, or any pharmacy owner who also works day-to-day in a pharmacy, you are very welcome to complete both surveys if preferred, or you might like to complete the owners’ survey and encourage your team members to complete the team survey.

We appreciate your response to these surveys, especially during this busy time. The results of the surveys will be used directly to help in our work making the case for more support, and sustained core investment, for community pharmacies.

Janet Morrison, Community Pharmacy England Chief Executive, said: 

“Once again, this year’s Pressures Survey comes at a difficult and critical time for pharmacy owners and teams. We have been grateful to receive a huge number of responses in previous years and hope to match that again in 2024. Your input is invaluable and we will keep using it as evidence to highlight the severe challenges that community pharmacies face and to make the case for Government and NHS action.

While we know that the entire healthcare system, and indeed all public services, are under a lot of pressure, nowhere is this more true than in community pharmacy which continues to provide a safety net as access to wider primary care falters. That safety net must be protected – with sustainable core funding and wider support – and your views will help us to keep making that clear to all those who influence public policy.

Thank you in advance to everyone who completes our Pressures Survey. I know that another Survey will not immediately help to alleviate the issues you are facing, but going in to speak to Ministers, the NHS, and wider advocates armed with your evidence and experiences helps us to build on that powerful case for the future.”

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