Potential role for pharmacy in delivering MMR jabs

Daily Mail

Given the current concerns around the spread of measles, NHS England has launched a catch-up campaign for missed MMR vaccines. It has been suggested by some – including Health Select Committee Chair Steve Brine MP – that the Government should make more use of pharmacy to deliver public health vaccinations such as this.

We issued the following statement.

Our Director of NHS Services, Alastair Buxton, said:

“Community pharmacies are very popular vaccination centres and with the right funding and support they could become the home of a much wider range of NHS vaccinations, including MMR jabs. This would be convenient for the public as well as helping to take pressure off busy GP practices. We have long been arguing for pharmacies to be able to offer more vaccinations – and the move is backed by experts such as Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund. With vaccination programmes becoming ever more critical to our nation’s health the NHS should be looking at how to make the most of all that pharmacy has to offer – both for vaccinations and other clinical services – and what funding they need to do so.”


There are no national or local NHS services that we are aware of that currently allow community pharmacists to administer MMR jabs. However, the MMR vaccine is available from some pharmacies privately.


Calls for chemists to offer MMR jab on the NHS in bid to thwart measles as pharmacists say parents wanting their kids to get jabbed are struggling to get GP appointments | Daily Mail

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