PQS: Have you had an email about the antibiotic checklists from ESPAUR?

This does not affect any contractors who started entering their TARGET antibiotic checklist data on the portal application after 3rd December 2021 (or those that have not yet entered their data).

PSNC has been alerted by ESPAUR that an error has been identified with the data they sent out in an email last week to certain community pharmacy contractors. This email was sent to contractors who, according to ESPAUR’s records, had submitted fewer than 25 antibiotic checklists on the portal application (submitting data for at least 25 antibiotic checklists is one of the requirements of the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) Prevention domain).

Contractors who received this email are therefore advised to ignore this email and continue to submit data via the portal application, or if contractors have submitted data for at least 25 TARGET antibiotic checklists and have the emails to confirm this, then they should make their PQS declaration based on the number of email confirmations they have received. Contractors should ensure they keep these email confirmations as evidence of meeting the requirement.

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