PSNC Elections – contractor information


In the coming days all Independent contractors and non-CCA Multiple contractors will receive a notice from Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services), who are acting as the independent scrutineer for this year’s elections for the new committee of PSNC, to be known as Community Pharmacy England (CPE).  The notice is part of preparations ahead of voting in the elections.  

All voting is scheduled for March 2023 and the detail of the election process can be found in the PSNC briefings on the elections 

What you should do upon receiving the notice  

If you are not the pharmacy contractor (owner) or person responsible and authorised for voting on behalf of the organisation, please bring the notice to the attention of the appropriate person immediately.  

That person should:  

  1. Note that the e-mail to which the notice was sent will be the e-mail used for voting. (Independent and smaller Multiples will also receive a postal notice sent to each pharmacy.) 
  2. Check that the pharmacies and their details listed in the notice are correct and if not, notify us of any changes.  
  3. Tell us if you are a member of the Association of Independent Multiples (AIM) because this information is relevant to PSNC and LPC elections. 

Any changes, questions and notification of AIM membership should be made using the webform on this page elections/ by 10th February 2023 at the latest. It is your responsibility as a contractor to ensure that PSNC has the correct information for its elections.  

Please note that any information you provide as part of the PSNC election process may be shared with your LPC to assist their election processes.   

For further information on how we use and process your data see 

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