PSNC Elections start today


Elections for the non-CCA Multiple Representatives and Regional Representatives will start today. Voting contractors are being sent an email to either the head office contact or premises shared NHSmail address detailing who is standing for election and a unique link to the voting portal. Below is the list of candidates in each of the four PSNC regional elections, where there is a ballot, and the non-CCA Multiple election.

Regional Representatives regions and candidates:

East of England
Junchao Jiang
Anil Sharma
Babatunde Sokoya


North West
Ian Cubbin
Fin Mc Caul


West Midlands
Len Dalton
Sundip Gill
Jas Heer


North East
Sami Hanna
Sunil Kumar


Non-CCA Multiple Representatives candidates:

Candidate 40 or more premises/fewer than 40 premises
Jay Badenhorst Fewer than 40
Hamish Borno Fewer than 40
Peter Cattee 40 or more
Has Modi Fewer than 40
Rajesh Morjaria Fewer than 40
Chiman Patel Fewer than 40
Jay Patel 40 or more
Mayank Harendra Patel Fewer than 40
Ian Strachan Fewer than 40


Policy statements for each candidate are available on the voting portal. Contractors will have until 12 noon Friday 24th March 2023 to cast their vote(s).

On or around Monday 27th March 2023 all election results will be announced.

For further information on the election process, please visit