PSNC launches Value of Pharmacy Animation 

PSNC has launched a video animation showcasing the important work that community pharmacies do and explaining how, with sustainable funding and ongoing support from Government, their role could be developed further.

The animation has been developed to support PSNC’s conversations with external audiences, to help raise awareness of the value of pharmacy services, and how patients and the NHS might be impacted if they were no longer there. It describes the importance of pharmacy advice and the potential for pharmacy teams to do more, whilst also highlighting the pressures caused by COVID-19 and the sector’s need for fair funding.

PSNC will use the animation in conversations with national stakeholders including MPs, and LPCs and pharmacy teams may like to share it with local commissioners, politicians, charities and patient groups. We hope that the new animation will be a useful tool to help promote the important role community pharmacy plays in supporting the nation’s health.

The animation adds to the collection of resources that PSNC has produced using the results of its 2021 Pharmacy Advice Audit.

PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes said:

“Community pharmacists and their teams have shown time and again how valuable they are to the public, GPs and the wider NHS, but never as much as during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

This animation shows the incredible work that community pharmacies have been doing, and highlights the sector’s need for ongoing support from Government. It will support our work to demonstrate the value of pharmacy to MPs and others, as well as providing an additional way for LPCs and pharmacy teams to support this effort at a local level.”

The Value of Pharmacy Animation

Watch the animation:

Using the animation

LPCs and pharmacy teams are encouraged to share the animation with local commissioners, politicians, charities and patient groups. You can show the animation at meetings directly from the PSNC website, but if you need access to a downloadable version, please email:

Whilst the full video is only a few minutes long, we have also made some shorter clips of the animation. These can be used to make specific points and gain more traction on social media. You can download these clips via the links below.

On social media, please use the hashtag #valueofpharmacy. You may also wish to use some of the draft tweets we have created: Tweet Templates for Value of Pharmacy Animation

Further resources on the findings of the PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit 2021 – including a summary, infographic and social media assets – can be found at:

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