PSNC publishes 2020/21 annual report


PSNC has today published its 2020/21 annual report, setting out the work that it did on behalf of community pharmacy contractors in the last financial year.

The report covers the key achievements and ongoing projects that PSNC worked on, including PSNC’s work to ensure that contractors had the support, monies and tools necessary to continue providing vital healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our efforts to promote pharmacy to external stakeholders and Government.

The report covers the year from March 2020, with key topics including:

  • Getting pharmacy’s voice heard;
  • COVID-19 services and changes;
  • Contractual dispensations;
  • New services;
  • PSNC’s Pharmacy Advice Audits; and
  • PSNC’s annual accounts.

As well as providing details of the work PSNC carried out in 2020/21, the report ends by reflecting on the likely challenges facing the sector over the next financial year, including ongoing operational and cashflow pressures and the continuing impact of COVID-19.

This year PSNC’s annual report is available in a fully digital format including animations and videos at:

Simon Dukes, PSNC Chief Executive, said:

“Unsurprisingly, much of this year’s annual report is focused on our work to help support community pharmacies through the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as giving a clear sense of the breadth of our work and the headway we made – and some of the challenges we have faced along the way – I hope that the report and data within it also reflect the amazing work that pharmacies have been doing through this period.

Although it is fair to say that 2020/21 was a year like no other, undoubtedly many of the issues that we all tackled and which are covered in this report will remain with us for some time. As we enter another busy period juggling winter and new CPCF services, and of course the ongoing impact of COVID-19, I know that pharmacy teams will continue to direct all their energies into doing whatever is needed for their patients. At PSNC there is a similar resolve, across both the Committee and executive, to do everything that we can to support you through that.

In 2020/21 the NHS and patients relied on this sector like never before. I know that next year’s annual report will once again show how everyone within pharmacy is continuing to rise to that challenge.”

PSNC Annual Report

There are several ways to view our 2020/21 annual report.

View the digital report and watch the animations

Read a flip-book version of the report on your computer:

Download/print a copy of the Report (PDF version)


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