PSNC Regional Representative and non-CCA Multiple Elections – ballots start 9 March


We have now collated the formal nominations submitted from all those standing for election as an Independent regional representative or a non-CCA Multiple representative on PSNC (Community Pharmacy England). 

Independent Regional Representative Elections: 

In four of the ten PSNC regions more than one valid nomination was received, and a ballot will be held. These regions are: 

  • East of England 
  • North West 
  • West Midlands 
  • North East 

On 9th March, Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services) will send Independent Pharmacy Contractors in these regions voting information – candidates’ statements and a voting notice with a unique link for the voting portal – to each of their NHS pharmacy premises in the region (the shared NHSmail address). Civica Election Services are acting as the independent scrutineer for this year’s elections.  

In the other six regions, a single valid nomination was received, and the candidate will be declared as duly elected. 

PSNC will announce all elected candidates on or around 27th March.  

Non-CCA Multiple Election: 

PSNC has received 9 valid nominations and a ballot will be held to elect the 3 representatives. Non-CCA Multiple Contractors will be sent voting information from Civica Election Services on 9th March. Generally, contractors with more than nine pharmacies will be sent a single voting notice (to their nominated head office e-mail address) which will enable them to bulk vote; while contractors with up to and including nine pharmacies will be sent a voting notice to each of their NHS pharmacies in England (the shared NHSmail address) and must use the unique link for the voting portal for each pharmacy. 

What happens next?  

  • Thursday 9th March 2023: voting instructions will be sent to each of your relevant premises’ shared NHSmail addresses OR your nominated head office email address. This will be sent from This will include access to the online voting portal, along with the candidates’ policy statements. The online voting portal will be live for a period of two weeks.
  • Friday 24th March 2023: The voting window will close at 12 noon; you will not be able to vote after this time.
  • On or around Monday 27th March 2023: The ballot results will be announced on this date or as soon as possible afterwards.   

If you have any queries about this process, please visit webpage and complete a webform.