PSNC Website: Have your say on content structure

PSNC is undergoing a website overhaul and wants your help to reorganise its content structure and menu navigation.

We are currently working to redevelop the PSNC website to improve usability and usefulness for community pharmacy teams, LPCs and other visitors. Early work involved gathering intelligence on functionality and reviewing content internally, but we are keen to hear more from those who regularly use our website.

We have created a content sorting exercise to enable site users to get involved in the categorisation of our content. The responses will show us how you need, want and expect certain topics to be grouped so that we can reorganise our content and menus accordingly.

Getting involved

Participants will be given a selection of topics to group in the way they think works best. The groups have not been pre-determined so participants are free to assign topics and then name the groups as they wish.

Given the size of the PSNC website, we have broken the exercise down into more manageable chunks. This task is expected to take around 15 minutes to complete.

Please respond by Sunday 19th September 2021. We would really appreciate your views.

Complete PSNC’s website reorganisation exercise


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