Reminder: Refresh your knowledge on handling EPS technical issues

Reminder: Refresh your knowledge on handling EPS technical issues

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that PSNC has produced a suite of guidance within the IT contingency section of our website’s new Digital and Technology section, including information for contractors about what to do should they experience a technical problem with an EPS prescription.

Listed below are last resort options for contractors if an electronic prescription cannot be retrieved. These options are in no particular order and pharmacists should exercise their own professional judgment when deciding which is the best course of action for an individual patient:

  • The patient could be asked to return to the pharmacy at a later time (if the prescription is not required immediately).
  • The prescription could be delivered to the patient when systems are resumed.
  • An emergency supply could be made at the prescriber’s request.
  • A paper FP10 prescription could be printed by arrangement with the prescriber.
  • The patient could be referred to another pharmacy (this will not be suitable in some scenarios).

These five options align with the those contained within NHS Digital’s troubleshooting factsheet.

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