RSG announces series of engagement events


The community pharmacy Review Steering Group (RSG) has issued an update and announced a series of stakeholder engagement events as part of its remit to take forward work following recommendations made in the Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Contractor Representation and Support: Providing best value for contractors.

LPC engagement event: Monday 24th May, 7.30 – 8.45pm (LPCs can send two attendees each and should email to register. Registration closes 5pm on Thursday 20th May.)

Contractor Forum engagement event: Tuesday 25th May, 7.30 – 8.45pm – click to register (Registration closes 10pm on Sunday 23rd May. Contractors attending this event will also be invited to join the RSG Contractor Forum if they are not already a member and would like to be.)

Presentation of programme plan to the sector: Monday 14th June, 7.30 – 8.45pm – click to register.

In mid-March, The Berkeley Partnership, led by Jennifer Johnston, was appointed by the RSG as programme management advisers to refine the scope of the programme, create the programme plan and develop the stakeholder engagement approach.

Since then, the RSG has been working with The Berkeley Partnership to agree a set of overarching principles to govern the design and implementation of the upcoming change programme. The work has included development of a proposed high-level roadmap of activity to identify the order in which things need to happen for the sector to successfully embed the change.

This is a complex programme and there has been a huge amount of work taking place in the background over the past two months to further refine the project scope, and develop the draft programme plan, approach, key milestones and stakeholder engagement plan.

Now that the RSG has created a draft set of principles and a draft roadmap, it wants to seek the views of LPCs and the Contractor Forum, as well as engaging with the trade bodies. At the engagement events at the end of this month, LPCs and members of the Contractor Forum will receive an update from the RSG on:

  • The key principles for how the programme will be run and how decisions will be governed;
  • The approach as to how the RSG will engage with key stakeholder groups to seek input and feedback;
  • The proposed high-level plan and timeline of activities through to 2022;
  • Expectations of you as a key stakeholder – when you should expect to hear from us and when we will be seeking your input; and
  • Expectations of the RSG.

A slide deck will be shared in advance of the meeting so that attendees can come to the meeting with feedback and questions to be discussed during breakout sessions. This feedback will be used to produce the final programme design principles and updated roadmap which will be presented at a webinar on Monday 14th June.

Invitations to the first two events will be sent out shortly, with details of the June event to be shared on the RSG website later this month. The June event will be a wider meeting for all contractors, LPCs, trade bodies, stakeholders and the pharmacy press where the final programme principles and updated roadmap, incorporating views from all trade bodies, LPCs and the Contractor Forum, will be presented.

For further information on the work of the RSG and the Wright Review please visit the RSG website.

LPCs and Members of the Contractor Forum have received invitations to register for the May events. A registration link for the June event will be shared later this month.

For contractors who wish to join the online Contractor Forum to feedback on the programme principles and activity roadmap as well as future proposals and ideas, please email

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