Secretary of State emergency declaration extension

The declaration of an emergency requiring the flexible provision of pharmaceutical services which was introduced to help maintain pharmacy services during the COVID-19 outbreak, has been extended to 31st March 2022  

This means that contractors are still allowed to make temporary changes to opening hours or temporary closures where: 

  1. Adequate reasons for these changes have been provided to NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I); 
  2. NHSE&I have been given 24 hours’ notice of these changes; and
  3. NHSE&I have agreed these changes or have not objected to them. 

After 24 hours’ notice has been given and in the absence of a response from NHSE&I, contractors may start the flexible provision of opening hours. However, if their flexible opening-hours request is refused by NHSE&I, contractors must continue to provide their normal service provision and remain open for the entirety of their core and supplementary hours.

Further information about the emergency regulations is available here on PSNC’S COVID 19 Hub page 



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